Effect products line

Cream formulas available in the Taboo Effect line are designed for facial, neck and décolleté care. The products have been developed specifically to nourish sensitive uncovered skin areas and provide a deep moisturising effect. Special base formula gives the creams a velvety consistency, allowing for easy and comfortable application. Developed as a gel emulsion, the cream incorporates gentle active ingredients combined into a unique blend which actively improves the condition of skin following tanning salon treatments. The products are also rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and a range of nutrients. The fragrance formulas are free from sensitizing substances, which additionally enhances the comfort of application, helping to eliminate risks associated with possible skin reactions.

Product Oilee 25 ml


  • gel-oil formula
  • argan oil and jojoba oils make skin elastic and smooth
  • beta-carotene gives skin a subtle, healthy colour, shows anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
  • the gel activates tanning processes and protects the skin from dehydration

25 ml


Product Silky Face cc 5 ml

Silky Face

  • intensifies the tanning process
  • soothes sunburn
  • prolongs the tanning effect
  • enhances intracellular micro-circulation
  • provides nourishment and vitamins to the skin
  • anti-aging effect
  • non-allergenic product

5 ml


Product Sunny Face cc 5 ml

Sunny Face

  • deepens and evens skin tones
  • deeply moisturising and nourishing
  • regenerates the skin
  • activates anti-aging processes, mineralizes and nourishes the skin
  • makes the skin silky and smooth
  • non-allergenic product

5 ml